Dodgeball Tournament Rules

Tournament information

•  The event will be held in the RWJ Barnabas Health Arena on the campus of Toms River high School North.  Old Freehold Road, Toms River.

•  Players should arrive at 5:00 PM. First set of games will begin at 6:00.

•  Spectators can enter the gym at 5:30. Fee for spectators is $6 for adults, $3 for children

•  The DJ will make announcements as to which teams are playing on which courts. It is your responsibility to know when and where your team is playing.  If you are not on your court at the time to play, your team will forfeit.  The bracket will be on the wall to view so feel free to check it to get an idea of when your next game is.

• There will be food from Capone’s, Rita's Ice, T-shirts, raffles tickets, and 50/50 tickets for sale throughout the evening. 




•  Each team will be responsible for their team spirit.  Get creative and lets see you team tees!


        -  Team tees must be appropriate for a family event.  Please keep it respectful


• Games will be 6 on 6

• Games will be played until all players on one team are “out” or 6 minutes, whichever comes first

• After 6 minutes, the team with more remaining players will be the winner

• If both teams have equal number of players remaining, a 3 on 3 sudden death overtime will be played (any 3 players may play in overtime)

• Games will begin with all balls (6) on center line


• Players may only leave the court when:

        -  A player is out

        -  A player attempts to catch a deflected ball


• Catching a ball out of bounds does not count (except if a player catches a deflected ball)

• A player may not leave the boundary to avoid getting hit; player will be out

• If a ball goes out of play, a replacement will be put in play by the referee

• If a player steps on or over the center line, that throw will be dead

• The ball becomes dead immediately upon contacting or going over any wall or safety netting

• A deflected ball cannot be caught after contacting or going over any wall or safety netting


• All players must start each game behind their end line

• Game will begin with a rush:

        -  At least one player must rush

        -  Not all players have to rush

• There is no limit to the number of balls a player may retrieve

• All balls a player(s) retrieves MUST return beyond the attack line before attempting to get players out


• A player will be deemed “out” when a live ball contacts any part of the players body or clothing

        -  If a thrown ball contacts a standing player in the head, that player WILL NOT be “out”

        -  If a player lowers their head (such as ducking) while making an attempt to avoid contact with a thrown ball and the ball contacts that player in the head, that player WILL be “out”

• If a player catches a live ball:

        -  The opposing thrower will be “out”

        -  A teammate may return (first “out, first “in”)

• If a thrown ball only contacts the ball which a player is holding, that player WILL NOT be considered “out” (even if that player drops the ball)


• If a thrown ball contacts the ball which a player is holding THEN contacts any part of that player’s body, that player WILL be considered “out”

• If a thrown ball contacts more than one player, ONLY the first player the ball hit is out


• A referee will supervise all games

• Any ruling not specifically covered in these rules is at the discretion of the referee