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The Toms River Police Foundation awards several scholarships annually to qualified applicants from all four Toms River high schools and to those students pursuing a career in law enforcement as well as the children of police department members regardless of their career path. 

The Foundation supports a number of police department community events and initiatives, such as; the bi-annual police department Open House, Junior Police Camp, Cadet Program, the Veteran Officers Association, Summer Night Out, and other valuable programs that would otherwise not be possible.   We continue to introduce programs, events and partnerships that will allow us the opportunity to engage with the community and build strong relationships.

We thank you for your continued support!

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The Toms River Police Foundation is excited to announce the placement of clothing donation bins throughout our town. Our foundation receives funding for hosting the bins. Once donated the clothing is recycled in one of three ways; Some of the clothing is donated to the needy. Higher quality clothing is sold in bulk to organizations that sell to those who cannot afford to purchase new.  Unusable clothing is sorted, washed, cut and sold for industrial use in businesses such as car washes and for cleaning heavy machinery.  Other clothing is used in the auto industry as seat stuffing for large trucks.

Please look for our seal when donating your unwanted items.  Our bins have the Toms River Police Foundation Seal proudly displayed on the front of each one. 

The bins have been placed at various locations throughout the township for ease of access by the community. The next time you clean out your closet, please consider donating  to us.

We appreciate your generosity.


You may also mail your donations to:

Toms River Police Foundation

1144 Hooper Ave - Ste 209

Toms River, NJ  08753


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